Frequently Asked Questions


Can I appeal the municipal assessment of a building in which I am leasing space?

Under the Act respecting Municipal Taxation (L.R.Q., C. F-2.1), lessees are authorized to appeal the accuracy of the property value for which they have to pay taxes. However, they have to inform the property owner of their appeal.


Is it better not to appeal the value of my property if I wish to sell it in the near future?

First, a serious potential buyer will consider the municipal building value as the basis for calculating property taxes, not as an indication of the real market value of your property. Property taxes are among the most important expenses related to a building. It is advisable to reduce this expense as much as possible.

The reference date of a real estate assessment roll reflects market data from a year and a half before the actual effective date of the role. For instance, the reference date of the triennial 2013-2014-2015 role is July 1st, 2011.

Consequently, the value that you may obtain from the sale of your building will depend on current market data, not on data from the reference date of the current property role.


Does it make sense that the insurable value and/or book value of my property is above the municipal assessment?

Yes, it most likely does. The Act respecting Municipal Taxation (L.R.Q., C. F-2.1) provides exclusions to the taxable property value that must be considered when assessing the insurance or book value.


Does appealing the municipal assessment of my building change to corporate image of my business and/or our relations with the municipality?

You have the right to file for a review of your property assessment. Rest assured that our goal is to arrive at an amicable arrangement with the municipal assessment service, keeping your best interests in mind.


Will I need to invest a lot of time and energy in such a case?

No, quite the opposite. To offer you the best possible service and alleviate the task, we can handle the entire case, including completing the review form (except for your signature), assessing the applicable real value, contacting the municipal assessment service and negotiating with them to arrive at the most advantageous agreement possible.

Rest assured that we will keep close track of deadlines and we will inform you regularly on the progress made in your case. We are even available to verify the accuracy of amounts to be received as tax reimbursement.